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Your time is valuable and unfortunately summer time in Ohio is just not long enough. This is the problem many face each year as their lawn consumes each weekend. TTR Turf Control professionals take pride in ensuring this won’t happen to you anymore. We understand your home is a big investment and with a well-groomed glowing green lawn you can sleep well at night knowing your investment is always looking at its finest value. While you and your loved ones enjoy the summer time sun.

Your Tallmadge Lawn Requires Mowing Services and Fertilizing Services

To ensure your lawn looks its best, it first requires mowing services once a week and trims must be the appropriate length. Here’s a breakdown:

Grass thrives when cut once a week. Allowing too much time to pass between mowing allows shadows to form and less sunlight to penetrate the lawn. This promotes weeds, insects and other less-than-desirable outcomes—things you certainly do not want your kids or pets rolling around in.

The optimal height for grass in Ohio is about 2 ½ inches. So when is the best time to cut grass in Tallmadge? Usually when it is about 3 ⅔ inches in length, as you should only remove the top ⅓ of the grass blade with every mowing. If you don’t mow in appropriate increments, you won’t be stimulating your grass enough to grow (plus, see note about bugs above). And if you cut too much off the top, you will stress the grass.

No one wants to spend summers measuring their grass and mowing it to perfection; when you can be enjoying the fruits of the summer sun. Allow TTR professionals to help as we take pride in giving you your freedom back from Mother Nature. TTR can also help with the next important part of caring for your lawn: fertilizing.

Your lawn needs fertilizing services to fill in any thin spots and appear lush and plush.

Unfortunately, in Northeast Ohio, there are a slew of bugs that can wreak havoc on your lawn. Fertilizing services also helps control bugs and grub (grubs are larvae, particularly from beetles and chafers) living in your lawn. Would you want your pet or children rolling around on an unfertilized lawn? We didn’t think so.  

Even if you get the type and breakdown of fertilizer right—which there are so many to choose from—applying it in the wrong season or in the wrong weather can essentially render efforts moot. That is why it is important to trust the professionals to determine what, when and how much fertilizer if you want to achieve a lush, plush yard you and your family can enjoy.

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Considering Tallmadge Mowing Services or Tallmadge Fertilizing Services?

Does lawn seem to defeat you and your time seems to disappear? Consider TTR to help you as we offer many great options to help you regain your time and enjoy the beauty of a well-groomed lawn. Our professionals are well trained and helpful to ensure your Tallmadge Mowing Services and Tallmadge Fertilizing Services are always top notch:

  1. We make it easy on you! Your time is valuable. We won’t waste it. We offer mobile alerts so you know exactly when we will be coming, and payments are effortless with email invoices or autopay options.
  2. TTR is the brand you can trust. Our crew shows up in uniform in a clearly labeled truck. No shady business.
  3. We invest in top-of-the-line machinery and training. Our equipment helps us get the job done right, and we don’t leave until your lawn looks pristine.

Call TTR or book us online to to schedule your Tallmadge mowing and fertilizing needs.